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Be safe this winter – Fire safety tips

There’s a definite nip in the air as winter starts to creep into South Africa. Before winter sets in for good, Namola wants to remind South Africans to remember safety first when trying to stay warm. There are a number of ways that people choose to keep themselves and their homes warm. If you are […]

Teacher saves student with in-app chat feature

Brought to you by   Teachers. They are with our children most of the day. We rely on them to not only educate our children, but to keep them safe. Moekadi, a high school teacher in Midrand Johannesburg, did exactly that when one of her students collapsed in her classroom one Tuesday morning. “I knew that […]

Teach our children to protect themselves

Brought to you by   and   This month we celebrate National Child Protection month. Unfortunately, once again, children were in the news for all the wrong reasons — Courtney Pieters, Poppie van der Merwe and Katlego Marite being just three stories in the news about crimes against children. As parents, we do everything in our power to […]

Why you should test Namola

Since the Dialdirect Namola was released, we have encouraged our Users to test the app to see how it works. However, even though we encouraging testing, we understand that some Users are hesitant to test the app. In this post, we’ll answer common questions and concerns about testing the app, and hope to encourage everybody to […]

Report your missing child FAST!

Brought to you by  and   Courtney Pieters is a three-year-old little girl who went missing more than a year ago. After an extensive 10-day search her body was found in an industrial area near to where she lived. She had been raped and murdered. Unfortunately, Courtney’s story is not an uncommon one in South Africa. According […]

Namola user has Cat-astrophe

Brought to you by  What is classified as an emergency is different in everyone’s eyes, but when Namola user, Todd’s* beloved cat, Fluffy, found itself at the top of an electric pole, Todd, found that he had an emergency on his hands. “I was totally panicked,” says Todd, “ I also own a dog and […]

Get out of protest action, safely

Brought to you by  #ProtestAction is not an uncommon occurrence in South Africa. Motorists should be prepared in the event that they come across protest action unexpectedly. Gauteng police spokesperson Captain Tsekiso Mofokeng says that if you do find yourself at the centre of violence on the road‚ you may want engage with protestors to […]

Nightmare home invasion has happy ending

Most of us hope that the infringement of privacy and security that is a home invasion will never occur in the comfort of our own homes. Unfortunately for Stephany-Louise van Heerden, the nightmare became a reality. Stephany and her mom were the only ones at home when they came face-to-face with someone trying to break […]

Free yourself from crime

Brought to you by Dialdirect Holidays, where homes are left empty, are like honey to the proverbial criminal bees. Dialdirect and Namola encourages South Africans to be proactive in their fight against crime particularly if, with the upcoming public holidays, travelling away from home is on the cards. Make sure that your home is safe and […]

How is Namola Free?

Namola is a free app with no hidden costs and no per incident fee. We are able to offer a free service, at this stage, due to our partnership with Dialdirect, who are passionate about the fight against crime in South Africa. Namola is able to help our users #GetHelpFast by making use of established […]