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Policeman uses Namola to #GetHelpFast

Brought to you by  Thabo*, a forensic detective that works for SAPS in the Northern Free State, was visiting one of the local police stations when part of the building caught on fire. “There was something burning near the station, and I think the wind blew an amber into a Lapa structure that was connected […]

Car thief caught after Namola sends help

Brought to you by  Mark woke around 3 am to his neighbour phoning. There were three guys at their security gate, trying to push it down to gain access. Again. Mark and his neighbours had a series of cars stolen in their complex. The thieves thought they were back for more, but not this time […]

Correcting rumours about Namola

Brought to you by  Rumour has it: If I fill in my personal information, my information will be sent to third parties and I will get a million spam calls Namola: NEVER, EVER, will we EVER give your private information to third parties. Your personal information is only available to Namola agents when you request […]

Namola rescues lost driver

Brought to you by  Technology is a wonderful thing. Until it lets you down. Bulelani* was visiting Kwa-Zulu Natal on business and found himself lost in an unfamiliar and unsavoury area. Typically, in this situation, we would all reach for our smartphones and rely on a navigation app to get us to our destination. Bulelani […]

Namola: Bringing classrooms to life

Brought to you by  We hear on a daily basis how smartphones and technology negatively affect our children. So when a teacher from KZN reached out to tell us her story, we couldn’t wait to share her idea with educators in South Africa. Jessica*, a Geography teacher in KZN, very cleverly uses Namola as a […]

Fighting Femicide, together

Brough to you by  Reeva Steenkamp, Amanda Tweyi, Karabo Mokoena, Zolile Khumalo. These women have one thing in common, they were all killed by the hands of men. Men they trusted, their intimate partners. Sadly, they represent just a small majority of the women killed in South Africa’s frightening femicide statistics. According to AfricaCheck, South […]

When Namola needs Namola.

Brought to you by  Being part of the Namola team, we get daily job satisfaction seeing how many people across South Africa we are able to #GetHelpFast. It’s a very personal job, as one is constantly thinking about how the person in trouble could one day be you. That one day came on a sunny […]