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Missing loved ones

Hundreds of men, women and children are reported missing each month. While some are reunited with their loved ones, others simply vanish without trace for years. Gert Van Rooyen and his female accomplice, Joey Haarhoff, are believed to be responsible for the abduction and murder of several missing girls, aged between nine and sixteen-years-old.  In early 1990, when […]

Information Key in Fighting Crime

In her speech titled “Moneyballing the criminal justice system,” Anne Milgram Criminal justice reformer talks about the power of information as being key in fighting crime. She says that smart statistics have changed baseball, healthcare, and many other industries and should be used as well as to fight crime   As Namola we agree with […]

Namola is growing fast!

Namola now has 60 000 downloads, making it one of the fastest growing free safety apps in South Africa. And the other good news is more and more citizens are using the app to report crime. Namola guarantees a call-back time of under 90 seconds. The entire Gauteng is covered and Stellenbosch launched last week. […]

Protecting the protector

Neighborhood Watch Don'ts With the increase in crime rates in South Africa, safety has become important for many. Citizens are coming up with innovative ways to challenge the increased crime rates in South Africa.  One of the innovative ways (apart from Namola which an app that connects you with police at the click of a […]

Concern over abductions

Cases of abduction appear to be on the increase. A number of incidents have been reported where especially business people are kidnapped and ransom is demanded. In the latest incident, 80-year-old Mamoo Moosa was abducted after leaving Mosque in Mahikeng (formally Mafikeng) in the North West on Tuesday evening. The abductors demanded R3-million. Police moved […]

Can the poor afford safety and security?

Is safety out of reach for those below the poverty datum line?   Safety in South Africa has become one of the scarcest commodities and it seems that the cost of safety has doubled in price for “anyone interested in being safe.”   Both public and private sector are trying find solutions and reasons for […]

The gendered nature of violence in South Africa

Safety and Women in South Africa Personal safety has become an important issue for everyone especially women. In the recent weeks South Africa has seen an upsurge of femicide. Women are being targeted, both in their private and public spaces.   The modus operandi of the criminals in regards to women seems to have shifted. […]

We must win the war on crime

Murder. Robbery. House invasions. Hijackings. Rape…the list goes on and on…and on!  This is what we have become accustomed to in South Africa. The past 48 hours has again seen a series of violent crimes across South Africa and many say the situation is out of control. We must continue to stand-up and fight crime.  […]


Almost every week we hear of followings from OR Tambo International Airport and armed gangs robbing travellers. It’s out of control! It appears a number of syndicates are at work. Police have made some arrests in the past but the gangs are still operating with impunity.  In the latest incident, passengers were robbed on the […]

Open Letter: #MakeSAsafe

OPEN LETTER: #MakeSAsafe Monday 19 June 2017 Dear Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Premiers, MEC’s, Mayors, MMC’s and corporate leaders, CRIME IN SA AND FINDING URGENT SOLUTIONS You are fully aware that crime is affecting all of us. Criminals are running amok and the situation does not seem to be improving. In fact, indications are that it’s […]