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Police service delivery must improve

Poor service delivery by the South African Police Service (SAPS) remains a major problem. Almost every day, we hear of victims of crime complaining about how badly they are treated by cops and about unprofessional investigations.  There are certainly pockets of excellence and for this we salute the police officers. But the complaints are just […]

Crime is killing SA

I often say: Crime is killing South Africa. Criminals have regard for others and all they want if our hard-earned cash. They take lives and tear families apart.  #MakeSAsafe NEWS24 Report: Cape Town – The Dick and Allsop Mica hardware store in Wellington, in the Western Cape, holds many happy memories for the Fourie family. […]

Viral crash video: Motorists stop fleeing driver

A video uploaded on social media shows a motorist attempting to flee the scene of a crash near Centurion outside Pretoria. The driver caused a bakkie to overturn on the N1 North highway near Centurion.  I tweeted the video yesterday that shows two motorists chase after the driver who caused the crash. WATCH @abramjee The motorists can […]

Financial Mail rates Namola

It will take more than just a nifty app to restore confidence in SA’s police force. But Namola, a new emergency response app, aims to use technology to improve the efficiency of police assistance — either when its users are victims of crime, or when they witness something that requires police assistance. Once you’ve pushed […]

Crime: When will we start winning the war?

A top cop has confirmed that police are not winning the war on crime. (See report below) The officer is honest and for that he needs to be saluted. We need to confront the brutal facts. There has been lots of talk and little action to #MakeSAsafe When are we going to start winning the […]

Crime: When will the madness stop?

When will the madness stop? Yesterday: Robbers shot dead in KZN. Primary school teacher murdered in front of pupils. Cash-in-transit robbery on the Mabopane freeway. Sgt found murdered in PE and it goes on and on! Yes…all in one day and more! On average some 45 people are murdered each day in South Africa. Robberies […]

Kidnapping syndicates are dangerous

Two prominent businessmen are still missing after being kidnapped in separate incidents. Zhaun Ahmed was taken by unknown men three weeks ago outside his Cape Town business and Pretoria businessman, Omar Carrim, was kidnapped over 10 days ago. There has been a string of kidnappings. While arrests have been made in some cases, it appears […]

Mbalula: It’s time to mobilize…

Fikile Mbalula has been in office for a few month now as Police Minister. He is making his mark. Mbalula has achieved much more than what his predecessors have in years.  Mbalula needs to continue the momentum and mobilize South Africans to join-in to #MakeSAsafe Public confidence in the SAPS is still low and he […]

Crime: Drastic times need drastic action

The murder of Shaheed Omar, nephew of late Minister Dullah Omar, has shocked the nation.  Omar was shot dead on Thursday evening near Ottery outside Cape Town in an apparent hijacking. Far too many people are killed in South Africa. We are fed-up. Crime appears to be on the increase and thugs are running amok. […]

Manana must resign. Protect our women!

Deputy Higher Minister, Mduduzi Manana, appeared in court yesterday on a charge of assault. He is out on bail of R5000. Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula, said yesterday Manana will not receive any special treatment.  But it needs to be asked: *Why it took five days to charge the Deputy Minister? *Why was Manana not arrested […]